Terms And Conditions
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Terms And Conditions
☞☞☞ Thinking of joining Maphub7? ☜☜☜ ☞☞☞ Here are answers to the most popular questions from our new members.☜☜☜
  1. How many devices can I install the app on?
    • Up to 10 Devices from One Account.
  2. How accurate is the tracking?
    • You’ll usually be able to see the location of any registered device to within 10 feet (although it does depend on your handset, your network connection and where you are).
  3. Can I track my kids or family members?
    • Yes, if you want to know where your kids or family members are, to keep them safe, you can track them. Just add the Maphub7 App to their device.
  4. How long is the contract?
    • There’s no contract so you can cancel your subscription or services at any time.
  5. Can I use this service to track a device without the owners consent?
    • No. If you don’t own the device you want to track, you should take the permission of the device owner before you install the Maphub7 app on their devices.
  6. If I’ve already lost the device, can I still track it using Maphub7?
    • Unfortunately not, Maphub7 must be installed on your device before it is lost.